Blues, Folk Rock, Funk, Rock & Roll

Flowshine is a group of laid-back folks who deliver an upbeat and energetic live show that intelligently balances showmanship and musicianship. Their songs are catchy, dancey, and notable for their fusion of rock, funk, soul, blues, and folk.

Their music has charted on campus and community stations from British Columbia to the Maritimes. The band was selected as a featured artist in the Untapped Alberta 2013 concert and radio series and the title track of their 2015 release received a juried FACTOR grant. They were recently a regional finalist in the 2016 CBC Searchlight Competition. They have toured throughout Canada since 2009, having performed in an eclectic and extensive list of pubs, clubs, campfires, farm fields, cafes, basements, community centres, festival stages, street corners, and the like; from Dawson City, Yukon to the heart of Moncton, NB. They aim to continue tirelessly performing and sharing their music.

They set up their own carefully orchestrated displays of lights, fog machines, bubbles makers, party balloons, and more to give each performance a celebration feel and atmosphere. They often have their musician friends from other projects join them on stage for songs or full sets with each guest adding their individual instrumentation, voice, or hot dance-moves to the Flowshine whole, ensuring that no two Flowshine sets are alike.

To help further the experience of their albums Flowshine has worked hard to produce their own visually and thematically diverse music videos. The colourful, fun, and quirky footage that accompanies their songs shows their sense of humour and displays an interesting fusion of mediums.


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