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Meet AVIATOR SHADES a Classic Rock quartet from Vancouver, BC, whose catchy songs, strong work ethic, and tight as balls live show has taken them to the top of their local scene, and headed towards National breakthrough. In 2015 AVIATOR SHADES pulled off their first cross Canada tour, highlighted by a showcase at Canadian Music Week in Toronto; and completed 2 regional tours, all the while winning over new audiences and supporting the likes of HALESTORM ,APRIL WINE, MONSTER TRUCK, JUDAS PRIEST, WHITESNAKE, DANKO JONES, ECONOLINE CRUSH , THE ODDS, THE LAZYS , and many more.Their 2014 release “ Ready To Blow ” was produced by Danny Craig (One Bad Son, Default) and showcases a modern take on no nonsense classic hard rock in the spirit of Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and UFO. Ready to Blow spawned the band’s first single, “Who Do You Think You Are” which was released to radio in 2015 and garnered adds across multiple Canadian provinces, eventually charting at #42 on Canadian Active Rock.
The lifeblood of the band is Irish born Singer/Songwriter Dave Gorman , different incarnations of AVIATOR SHADES had been gigging around Dublin and Vancouver, with the essential lineup finally taking shape in 2013. Now including guitarists Shaun Michael Thackeray and George Baker equally gifted lead players who complement each other’s playing magically! and drummer Spencer Tomlinson , whose thunderous drumming blends perfectly with Gorman’s grooving bass lines. Hot on the heels of their triumphant 2015, AVIATOR SHADES began 2016 working on new material, and are slated to hit the recording studio, where long time collaborator and producer Danny Craig will share production duties with the legendary Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith). This will take the band in 2017 at new level and they will be ready to take on the National Canadian music scene.

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