The Moments epic 2016 year long tour

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The Moment are set to embark on a year long Journey of Music and Friends


The Moment is the brain child of Nathan and Jileane Stokland (of I Am Machi) and their bestest buddy Colin Close. ***UPDATE ~ COLIN will not be joining them on this tour.

It wasn’t something either band asked the other about. “We came up with it together” says Close. “We were just tired of feeling uncomfortable on the road, bed bug infested “hotels”, and sending money back to a house we weren’t even living in. So we decided to bring our house with us, always be comfortable, and never have to deal with bed bugs.”

 Together they set forth to live tiny in one of the world’s biggest countries…our own Canada.

Travelling from coast to coast and setting a goal of 150 plus shows in 2016. “Jilean and I have always wanted to Live Tiny and this gives us the opportunity to do just that…“No house, No bills, No Drama… just music, and thats the way we like it!”. “Combining our tiny lifestyle with music and touring is our lifelong dream.” exclaims Nathan.

“No house, No bills, No Drama… just music, and thats the way we like it!”

It nice to see in this day and age of social paranoia and instantaneous release that there still is the romantic notion of hitting the road and “just seeing what happens”. More and more I see bands doing this more and more opportunities arise for these bands. Let’s face it sometimes you just gotta take a chance and see…nothing ventured, nothing gained. We at SFEAR Management wish them the best of luck and we will be your guardian angels at your side the whole way!

First set of shows set for early March this year and will expand into late September/October.

Follow them on twitter @wethemoment and on youtube

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