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I am a hybrid designer/developer.

In THIS ARTICLE by Mashable: HOW TO: Be a Hybrid Designer/Developer it explains what this is.

“Good designers and developers rule the web — they’re the ones who build it, after all. And some of the most interesting and useful players in creating the modern Internet are hybrids between those two disciplines — people who can translate between the disparate languages of the visual and the technical.

Developers who can design and designers who can code are one-stop shops and hot commodities, especially in the start-up world. Being a jack of all trades allows you to quickly and effectively take products from concept to shipment — something that young companies in particular are eager to do. These hybrids also make great product managers after a bit of experience in both disciplines.”

I am a designer who can code. This is a bonus to you because when we set out to build your bands digital branding there is no stone left unturned. Every website includes custom social profile upgrade (Facebook, YouTube and Twitter covers and profiles) to match your branding.

Fully responsive websites are a must in today’s multi-platform/device world. You need to be able to get your point across whether its an Ipad, Tablet, Watch, Smart Phone or desktop having a responsive design to your website can achieve this. All of my sites are responsive design.

content management system (CMS) is also a must in the music world. This allows you to update your website on the road or right from your desktop! I like to use WordPress for this. If you aren’t familiar with WP don’t worry i walk you through how to update and use your site effectively.

These are my latest designs.


website is your home, a place where you can kick off your shoes and be yourself. It is vital to have a well designed, responsive and retina friendly website that is updated regularly and has the latest in SEO techniques. Why is this? you might ask….well the answer is simple. Social networks are a satellite designed to draw people to your site, not the main attraction.

Latest web designs.

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Digital Strategy


ithout a strategy you are free to float the digital waters of todays internet without paddles. Let us help you achieve maximum exposure and success all the while maintaining your integrity.

We will show you the importance of Social media management and analytics (don’t worry it’s more exciting than it sounds…).   Learn intergration of various apps to increase productivity. Learn how to organically grow your fanbase using the latest apps and technology. Learn each platform in detail, the more you know the stronger you stand.

We will map out a strategy with goals and real world techniques in mind. Build your online personality and get to the heart of every fan.

A mere 2 hours a week of digital developing of your band can mean the difference of getting that gig you want so bad and being passed off on it.

Learn how to maximize your precious time so you can get back to where you belong in the studio or on the stage!

We understand the today’s music industry can seem extremely over whelming. let us help you sort, organize and excel your productivity so you don’t drown. We’ll show you the latest techniques and applications to integrate seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

Custom Merchandise


t is said that “merchandise is a bands lifeblood on the road…”. Your fans don’t want to buy cheaply made products, they want to feel comfortable in your merch and wear it with pride.

We do custom screen printing, digital screen printing and embroidery. We also only buy from the best quality companies (eg Bella Canvas etc).

Screen Printing
  • T-Shirts
  • Long Sleeves
  • Hoodies
  • Hats
  • Tote Bags
  • Got something custom?
Digital Printing
  • Guitar Amps
  • Iphone Cases
  • Full Front Print
  • Full Back Print
  • Picks
  • Lighters
  • Key Chains
  • Drum Bass Heads
  • and almost anything else you can think of
  • Hats
  • Hoodies
  • Touques
  • Jerseys
  • and more!

Artist Consultation


will be your conduit to the industry. If you have a specific area you need consult or if you just want someone on retainer….let’s chat and see how we can help you.

From Google Ad Words and Facebook Ads to Dailies and Weeklies learn how to do your own advertising and control the direction of your career.

Is vinyl still a thing? Do I have to record a full length? Learn this and other industry myths and revelations.

FInd your space using social media management, touring and email campaigns, release schedules and content managmement. Remember Content is king but what content do you need?

Tour Booking


work with many venues, Agents and Managers etc. I demand a healthy work ethic but also understand that life sometimes gets in the way of what we love. Lets push you into a newer state of mind about touring. Part time / full time welcome.

Lets get you out there and working! Lets face if you’re not touring… you’re not a band period.

Build your fanbase the best way possible…in person! Like the pebble in the pond start creating ripples today.

Its a fact that live shows strongly back publicity, recognition and fans.

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