Whale and the Wolf – Edmonton, AB

Whale and the Wolf was born in the fall of 2013 in Edmonton, Alberta. A rough around the edges group of misfits who have managed to create a pleasantly refined sound; a genre that can be accurately defined as “Erotic Rock”. The band consists of four prairie born boys who were all molded and sculpted by both the music that they grew up listening to and Edmonton’s live music scene that brought them together. Each member’s musical tastes and interests vary significantly, yet the group manages to pull an equal amount of inspiration from each palette. The artful management of these differences helps to create colours and sonic textures that blend perfectly on an ever-so interesting musical canvas. Whale and the Wolf have spent their freshman year of bandhood in an energetic fever of continuous jamming, writing, gigging and recording. Recorded, their songs grab hard right from the get go, but then softly carry the listener through a wide variety of emotions. Live, they kick the audience in the face with wild energy, enthusiasm, passion and loveable personality. A six song EP is slated to drop in spring of 2015, but until then the band has made available two songs via iTunes and one more bonus track available on Soundcloud (@whale-and-the-wolf ) . Whale and the Wolf should be feared and closely watched, for if not, they may swallow you whole.

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